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I am writing to give my highest recommendation to my colleague, Claudia Fox, for a position with your market center. I have worked closely with Claudia at Keller Williams in Manhattan for over a year and can attest to her outstanding character and work ethic.

Working with Claudia has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because she encouraged me to reach out past my own boundaries. When asked, Claudia gave helpful criticisms of my work and then would volunteer to help me implement the solutions. Claudia is a team player who can always be counted on to put in more than her share of the work.

Claudia could often be found working after hours on Lemonade Day, the national non-profit organization she introduced to our Keller Williams office through being the first New York State Director of Lemonade Day. 

Claudia is an intelligent and outgoing leader and coach, I’ve been so inspired by her desire to be her best self and to bring out the best in others. Although, I will miss her here in Manhattan, I know that she will be an asset to your organization. If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerest regards,

Jacqui Howard, VP, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

(443) 310 7370 or

Founding Member Executive Board of Directors

Real Estate Board of NY (REBNY) Deal of the Year Winner

NYC Region Cultural Ambassador


I have known Claudia Fox professionally for the past year. Claudia’s energy is contagious. Her ability to enroll people is quite special as has been demonstrated through her effective charity involvement with Lemonade Day, a effort that she masterfully spearheaded.

If you are considering bringing Claudia Fox on your team in any capacity, I highly recommend her as she is a dynamo with the natural gifts of gregariousness, leadership, and likability.

Very truly yours,






Claudia is a wonderful burst of joy and hard working self-starter who spearheaded bring Lemonade Day to New York City. I know because I was one of the volunteers who worked very closely with her to do so. She worked seemingly effortlessly with a individuals ranging from leaders in low-income disadvantage communities to high-powered Manhattan executives to New York social types to masses of school children, corralling them all onto the same track towards the same goal. One need only review her media interviews for Lemonade Day NYC, which ranged from a live appearance on Fox News’s Fox and Friends to a an urban-market radio show to the ABC New York morning show to multiple newspaper accounts. Claudia impresses and exceeds expectations regardless of the task and does so with charm, tact, and wit.


Tyler Drown

New York Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Keller Williams | NYC with Park Avenue Property Group

425 Park Ave, 6th Flr, NY, NY 10022

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“I just want to express how much your guidance and coaching has improved my sales in the last 22 months. As you know my production has greatly improved over the year and continues to improve and it is because of your help in the months you were my manager. Thank you for giving me the time and attention and seeing my potential. I have had many managers in the past – but none with your perception and ability to see potential in people. Your spending time to develop that potential was awesome and paid off for me. I also want to mention you ability to stay calm and positive under some challenging situations that you have helped me through. You taught me so much about how to maintain composure and keeping goal oriented.” – Stephanie Schaffer

“Just when I was about to walk away (from real estate) you totally changed my business focus and helped me become a top producer.” – Susan Lieberman

“I had the extreme good fortune to work with you at Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy. As the manager of the office, you always projected the highest level of professionalism and sound judgment. In an industry where complications arise constantly and emotions can sometimes get the best of us, your calm demeanor and positive outlook were deeply appreciated. Claudia, above all else you were an excellent coach to the office. You worked tirelessly to meet with agents in both group and one-on-one settings to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves. The originality of your ideas, calm demeanor, general kindness and can-do attitude were essential to the office achieving such impressive sales results.

On a personal level, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from you. You are a professional of the highest integrity. You may have held the title of Manager, but you were without a doubt always coaching me to the best I could be.” – Lee Sender

“You have been a supportive and creative manager who managed to convert this office into a warm cohesive environment. I’ve worked at Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy for ten years and you are the first manager who has organized practice sessions making us feel more and more comfortable with the entire process of obtaining listings, working with difficult buyers and in general taught us how to improve our business. I think you are and inspiring leader.” – Lenore Norman

“As my manager, Claudia, you were always coaching us to stay motivated and positive. We now believe we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. You created an atmosphere in the office that was always upbeat.” – Carole Zelner

“It was a pleasure to thank you for the support that you have given me during our working time here, especially in moments of stress. Your positive talks at our meetings have been very helpful in our travails and our activities at achieving good business. In addition to your office “personality”, you have a wonderfully positive attitude about all that we are doing and trying to do.” – Elaine Flug

“Claudia Fox changed the way I look at business- and at life. In a competitive field like Real Estate, it’s easy to let emotions overwhelm one. Claudia’s coaching helped me to understand how negative thoughts create negative behavior, which in turn creates negative results. By teaching me to step back, to neutralize fear, I am more relaxed and able to focus on my clients. Her coaching has helped me to understand that a positive attitude is something that one can create. She has helped me change my thoughts and that is changing my life. I will be forever grateful to her.” -Susan Nierenberg

“I’m writing to endorse the incredible Claudia Fox. Often in business it is what one party wants from another and only just that, that confusion and poor service can transpire. Having had Claudia as a manager and a coach I can tell you her one exceptional quality is how well she listens. Along with her open-minded approach and great set of ears; her patience, and experience transforms into all the right questions. This is the one mark of an individual who can problem solve and continue to evolve I believe that are the two most important criteria for success. Claudia is incredibly adept at translating to others how to reach this same state. She is always a beam of positive energy and always sees things in a concrete and non-personal light when approaching a possible solution. In particular she both helped me hands on in creating a website geared to help inform foreign nationals about the residential apartment purchase process here in New York City , along with helping me to keep to my goals in the arduous world of New York City Real Estate. As a coach Claudia will find a person’s fears and transform them into a pro- active approach to lift them to the next level. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with her is about to get to a whole other place in their business and their life.” – Sean Sutherland

“If there ever was a cool Obama in my life it would have to be you. You have this incredible ability to listen, to divert negative energies, and offer solutions that are real solutions. Most of all, you are there and you follow up. Thank you for having met you.” – Paul Blanchette

“ Claudia Fox has a unique gift when it comes to coaching. She is very focused and one of the most positive people I have ever met. She always found the ‘good’ in whatever the situation is. A total delight and an inspirational to work with.” – Amy Elfman

You have been a supportive and creative manager who managed to convert this office into a warm cohesive environment.  I’ve worked at Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy for ten years and you are the first manager who has organized practice sessions.

Tracy Skaler

“Degrees of Success” captures short inspirational stories of every day people who became successful without a college degree.

“Claudia Fox has written an enlightening book that will demonstrate to you, that although education may be the key that will unlock doors, with only dedication and desire, you can blow them right off their hinges.”
– John Roland, WNYW, FOX 5