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MY PROFESSIONAL MISSION:  To influence and inspire you achieve your goals.

TO GET YOU STARTED:  I offer you a FREE 30 MINUTE INTRODUCTORY COACHING SESSION.  After we establish your goals and decide what you want to achieve through coaching, we can work together for a committed OPTIMUM PLAN for a half hour weekly or full hour every other week, your choice.  I also offer a FLEXIBLE PLAN, an open format where we decide together how often you would like to meet and set the appointments according to your schedule.  I recommend the OPTIMUM PLAN as this is where I have seen the speediest results.  But again, this is up to you.


Claudia is a real estate coach and her sessions are offered nationally via phone individually and in groups.  She works with each client to create a business plan, set goals and take actions toward making their dreams comes true.


Claudia Fox has a stellar reputation as a one-on-one coach and group trainer for Sales Managers and Sales Associates wanting to move to the next level. Claudia offers confidence, patience and enthusiasm to every individual and group she works with.  Her history include evaluating, coaching and training thousands of individuals, many of them executives who have attained higher career levels and were able to recognize their valuable contributions by transferring their skills and talents to new companies or starting their own businesses. At Bernard Haldane, where Claudia was an Executive Coach for more than four years, more than 90 percent of her clients increased their salary packages by using negotiation skills that she taught them.


Formerly a motivational trainer for prestigious real estate companies, Claudia has an extensive history in real estate sales training.  She has held many real estate management positions, among them President of Zeckendorf’s “Manhattan Sales”, Executive Associate for The Trump Organization in New York City, Sales Manager for three Coldwell Banker offices in New Jersey and New York City and CEO/ Team Leader for Keller Williams Stamford, CT. She has coached real estate agents in both challenging and prosperous times.  “My experience in the real estate industry includes selecting, hiring and coaching the top 10 percent of real estate executives in the nation,” says Claudia. She developed and led many training programs for the real estate industry, including one for a very successful project on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that resulted in the sale of 75% of the apartments in the building within six weeks of entering the marketplace.

More recently Claudia held the position as “Leadership Development Trainer” in Morris Plains, New Jersey, for Weichert Realtors. She designed programs and trained managers through workshops and seminars. She also ran a coaching practice and coached 47 Sales Managers weekly to achieve their goals.


In addition to coaching executives and real estate brokers, Claudia has also spent hundreds of hours volunteering her time to develop and lead workshops for non-college and college-bound teens to help them get a greater understanding of the options available to them, specifically at Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon, NY, and the Boys & Girls Club in Stamford, CT. These workshops addressed career assessment, career exposure, resume writing, networking and interviewing skills as well as interview role playing. She has also involved the community by encouraging them to provide shadowing and mentoring positions for prospective part and full-time job openings for the teens.


Claudia also brought a Texas based “Prepared4Life” Program to New York City on June 3, 2012, called “Lemonade Day” where she enrolled over 1,700 youth into a program that taught them how to be entrepreneurs through making and selling lemonade at a home-made lemonade stand.  The streets of New York City were lined with stands through cooperative arrangements made with establishments, which lent their support to the youngsters efforts to learn business skills. Harlem, Chinatown, Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens, Long Island City, White Plains and Manhattan were some of the areas in which Lemonade Day took place.  Claudia was interviewed by CBS and Fox & Friends.   ABC ran a video of Lemonade Day on their network. To see more of the project, go to “Videos” and see the CBS interview or go to and you will see Claudia at work.

You can also see Claudia’s other charitable projects under the title “Charity” work on the banner above.


Claudia Fox was interviewed by Marsha Gordon, President of the Westchester Business Council about her career business services. The interview was aired on WVOX. She was also featured on Peekskill’s New York cablevision show “Healthscope” talking about the affects corporate downsizing has had on executives. She co-hosted two cablevision shows, one called “Turn Your Passion into Profit” and the other “Get a Job” which aired in White Plains, New York, every Monday and Friday nights at 8:30PM for two years running where she gave tips on how to get a job and interviewed people who were passionate about their careers.  Claudia has promoted her book on Joe Franklin’s Bloomberg radio show and given positive advice on success, job finding and how to go on an interview on Armand DiMele’s “The Positive Mind” radio show on WBAI, New York.  Claudia was also interviewed on CBS, Fox & Friends and ABC.


Claudia has skiied all over the world including; France, Austria, Italy in Europe and in Salt Lake City, Snowbird, Aspen, Vail, Mt. Snow,  Stratton Mountain in the United States.  She has travelled throughout the world and most recently visited Russia and five surrounding countries on a cruise to the Baltic Sea where she said, “The educational value was mind-blowing!” Dance being her current favorite hobby, Claudia can often been seen on the ballroom dance floor and at country & western dances in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Colorado, Texas and Florida. She is as passionate about dancing as she is real estate.


Perhaps you have a pretty clear idea of what you want to improve in your life, such as becoming more assertive or starting your own business, and have begun to take a look at real estate as your career. You may have already formulated a plan but have somehow never really gotten around to carrying it through.  Frustration is showing up because the plan is a good one and you really want to put it into action.

Over time as procrastination sets in, you are beginning to think of reasons not to begin and are becoming more discouraged along the way.  You are now thinking that you don’t have the time to get the business plan set into action and have too many other things to do first.

What’s going on?  Are you simply weak or lazy?  One can even guess that you have beaten yourselves up about this issue a fair number of times.  The good news is that the reason you are blocked may have nothing to do with weakness, laziness, or any other trait that one could use to “label” you.  You may well be blocked because deep down you don’t believe that you are capable of executing your plan.  Or even worse, that you don’t really deserve happiness in your life.  It call comes down to beliefs.


You can lack resources and your future plans can be little more than a few random scribbles on the back of an envelope, yet if your motivation is right and you really believe you can accomplish what you want to do, your plans can blossom.  History is full of men and women who defied the odds and overcame seemingly immovable obstacles to reach their goals.  These people all had one thing in common; an unshakable belief that they were exactly the right person at exactly the right moment in time to achieve whatever they set out do do, whether scaling an impossible mountain or winning a marathon.

In life, coaching a belief is simply a feeling of conviction about something, specifically about oneself, and strong positive beliefs are the foundation for action.  Holding negative beliefs are ones that no longer serve you well, have the opposite effect and keep you stuck.  Your inner critic specializes in these destruction beliefs and can produce them at the drop of a hat.

Beliefs are tricky things.  For the most part they tend to appear logical and watertight, that is their nature, but whole communities have built their worldview on beliefs that were later proved wrong.  For example the world isn’t flat but people used to believe that it was and wasted a lot of energy in formulating strategies to avoid falling off the edge.

The beliefs that hold someone back are not truer than the beliefs that spur someone into positive action, so why not choose to focus on the beliefs that get you the great results you want?


Coaching has been proven to work when the client is willing to grow and when there is an obvious gap between where the client is and where he or she wants to be. With me as your coach, you will:

  1.  Make Broader Actions

Ultimately, all of us do what we want to do under any circumstance. To find out what you really want for yourself and your business is our first task. I help you to distinguish between what you coulda, shoulda, oughta and have to do to get where you want to go. Once you understand and create your ideal goal, you are much more likely to take actions to reach it.

  1. Balanced Life

Having it all, means having a balanced life. And in doing so, it often means that we must be selfish. I will work with you to help assist you in a plan that will get your needs met by establishing a personal foundation.

  1. Make Financial Freedom

Money. We have to have it. Chances are you know that you can make more money. I will work with you to assist you in ways to look at advancing your income, pay off old bills, set up a financial plan, and help design a strategy for you to earn more from your professional efforts in the future.

  1.  Reach More and More

When anyone has a partner they trust, they will always reach for more because they can afford to.

  1.  Make Better Decision for Yourself and Your Business

Every single client of mine is smart. Yet, they still use me. Why, because everyone can use a sounding board, share ideas with someone who understands them and is subjective enough to want a lot for them. Just in talking about your options with someone who can listen and often provide valuable feedback helps issues to become crystal clear. You will always get honest, constructive views.

  1.  Have A lot More Sustainable Energy

When you are happy, productive and free from tolerations and problems, you are always going to feel better!

Diploma of Certification

Having successfully completed all accredited studies and challenges associated with the Success Conversion Coaching™ program which is equivalent to the recognition of “Certified Life Coach” Express Coaching™ and the Certified Coaches Alliance hereby do confer on:

CLAUDIA FOX   Designation of: Certified LIFE Coach

Certificate Number: 56404

This member is currently in good standing with the Registrar through June 2016.
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“Degrees of Success” captures short inspirational stories of every day people who became successful without a college degree.

“Claudia Fox has written an enlightening book that will demonstrate to you, that although education may be the key that will unlock doors, with only dedication and desire, you can blow them right off their hinges.”
– John Roland, WNYW, FOX 5