Podcast – Lyme Disease 4/9/11

The Skillful Living Room is a healthy living discussion featuring patient success stories, physical and mental health tips, nutrition, fitness and wellness advice, a call-in portion, and expert advice from host Dr. Michael Finkelstein. Dr. Finkelstein is a nationally renowned internist and holistic physician who founded the concept of “Skillful Living.” Commentary is also provided by colleagues and friends whom he has met in his own personal journey.

The show takes a contemporary approach to health, with subjects as diverse as cancer, medications, philosophy, and the spiraling cost of health care. This is not a program that prescribes “take this or that” to treat illness. There is no quick fix. Instead, this program offers a more open-minded and practical approach to living that can result in greater health for each of us and, ultimately, a healthier society.

Dr. Finkelstein has appeared on the Today Show, Martha Stewart Radio, ABC Viewpoint, AOL.com, the New York Times, Health Magazine, and more.