I became successful without a college degree.  By using skills I learned skiing and coupling that with information I gathered by working at different jobs, I went from secretary to president in four years.  I hated the cold but after a boyfriend convinced me that in order to date I had to ski, I set about joining a ski house in Vermont and spent the first years with frost-bite and on crutches.  Undaunted, I drove four and a half hours to Vermont each Friday night only to feel left out as the others hit the advanced slopes.  I hit the bunny slopes.  After one month of tears and frost-bite, I joined the others at the top only to come crashing down to torn ligaments which resulted in a cast.  I was determined and set out to the slopes again after only a month.  I finally learned the basics of skiing.  The next year I actually was asked to teach beginners, which I did.  The lesson I learned was I didn’t have to like what I was doing to reach a goal.  .  . in fact, I could hate it but could end of feeling great about the end result.  Skiing opened many doors for me as I took that lesson and applied to the work force.  I also got the benefit of going on fabulous vacations to the west and Europe which also broadened my horizons about the world and the way people live.